Many good paying jobs today have at least something to do with Information Technology. The fast paced world of information technology is one thing why people from big and small companies hire computer saavy individuals to keep them up to speed. A person who has completed a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology has an opportunity to find a technology job in various fields with a good pay.

The following are a few of the to online programs that offer bachelors in Information Technology:


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - The College of Computing Sciences at NJIT offers the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program with an array of concentrations from each of NJIT’s colleges and schools that prepare students to enter the information economy. Students choosing to major in Information Technology are those who are interested in applying computing and telecommunication tools to a specific domain. Each program concentration requires students to understand hardware and software, but the area emphasis depends upon the student’s individual interests. The program requires completion of a common IT core, concentration courses, electives, and a capstone project. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree requires 127 credit hours to complete. Learn More About NJIT >>

BS Information Technology - The Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Information Technology is designed to train individuals for information technology jobs and also prepares graduates to take at least five different professional certification exams to enhance student job market value. Specializations in multiple subject matters will provide enhanced targeted skills and additional certification preparation. Learn More About Colorado State University >>


BSIT Applied Technology - The objective of this online degree program is to help prepare you to pursue career advancement in information technology by providing you with the knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking skills, creative skills, and technical competencies relevant to the modern workplace. If you are interested in starting or advancing your technology career, the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program could help you meet your career goals. Learn More About Kaplan University >>

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It takes time to become an Information Technology professional. You may start with a 2-year program first and get an Associate Degree and continue for another year or two in order to get a Bachelor’s Degree. The lessons and programs may vary a bit from program to program but overall, it will all be under the same umbrella which tackles lessons about web development, software engineering, e-commerce, algorithm design, digital electronics, data communication, and other computer related subjects. There is also an opportunity for an individual to acquire a masters degree once they have completed a bachelors, which can offer a more specialized approach.

It can truly be rewarding to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. The job market is strong for IT graduates when compared to many other specialties. People who have a secure position in the IT field are well paid and can be given opportunities to complete various certificate programs which will help with their marketability.