Entering the information technology workforce is much easier to do when a person has an IT certificate. Certificates give employers verification that a potential employee will be able to provide them with the service they need to help their organization move forward in the future. Technology is a big part of today’s world, so employers do not want to take any chances when it comes to hiring somebody to take care of their information technology needs.

Certificate in Information Technology - The UMass Lowell online Fundamentals of Information Technology Certificate is an introductory program for students who want to explore a broad range of electives in different information technology subject areas before deciding on an area of specialization. This program will serve as a gateway to the other, more specialized certificate programs in information technology. Learn More About UMassOnline >>


Certificate Program – Help Desk Technician:┬áThis program provides a foundation in technology skills that are common in modern technology support settings. It combines interpersonal communication and customer service skills with technical skills in the area of hardware fundamentals, networking fundamentals, and operating systems. This curriculum provides students with the skills necessary to start their careers in information technology as helpdesk or desktop support personnel. This program prepares students for certifications in the following: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network +, and Helpdesk Institute Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA). Learn More About Harrison College >>


Individuals can obtain Information Technology Certifications by studying on their own and taking certification exams; or they can obtain them by taking an information technology degree program. Degree programs can be taken online or on a campus, and they offer several advantages over self-study. Information technology degree programs give individuals the advantage of having a certified teacher providing them with instructions and training; and if they attend an advanced degree program, they’ll be able to work with the systems their studying.

Hands-on experience is very important in regards to getting advanced IT Certifications. It is possible for a person to obtain a basic certification for work with computers without having prior experience in the IT field; but obtaining an advanced certification is very difficult without getting hands-on experience. Degree programs provide individuals with the equipment and software needed to fully understand what their training to get a certificate in.

In information technology degree programs, people can study and work with advanced IT software and systems such as UNIX, Windows Servers, SQL, and other software and systems. There are also degree programs that specialize in computer repair, network security, and web design. There are degree programs for every aspect of information technology. The degree program an individual chooses determines what they learn.

When a person is making a choice between taking an online course, or studying on a campus, they have to take into consideration what they want to get certified in, and what is the best way for them to learn; they also have to take into the consideration the fact that many employers favor people that attend degree programs over people that get certified on their own. IT certifications verify that a person has knowledge of what their certified in, but they do not verify that a person knows how to work with the software or hardware that their certified in. Employers know that people that attend degree programs have actually working with the hardware or software their certified in; so they look upon them with favor when their making a choice between a person that’s attended one of these programs and a person that hasn’t.

Getting an IT Certificate is the perfect way to enter the information technology field. There is always a need for an IT, and the more certifications a person has, the higher salary they have a potential to get. There is no limit to how many IT Certifications a person can get; so a person can get all of the information technology information they want to get at their own convenience.