More and more people working in the Information Technology field today are making the decision to go back to school to earn a Master’s degree. While some will put their career on the back burner by taking a hiatus from their job or by dropping back to a part-time position while going back to school, others will decide to continue gaining valuable work experience while earning their advanced degree. For those who choose the latter route, an online Masters in Information Technology makes sense.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management - Information technology is now so closely integrated with business, that business solutions must include the use of technology.The challenge facing business leaders today is to not simply manage information technology, but to use technology to deliver business value. The Information Technology Management program in the Division of Graduate Professional Studies combines technological and managerial components to develop graduates who can deal effectively with the complexity and variety of issues involved in applying information technology successfully within organizations. Learn More About Brandeis University >>


Master of Science in Information Technology Management - The Master of Science in Information Technology Management degree from Regis University serves the needs of programmers, developers, engineers, and other knowledge workers who aspire to move into technical leadership positions. The emphasis is on moving technology out of the laboratory and into business development, defining the role of information literacy in decision-making and exploiting information technologies for productivity and competitiveness. The program is rich in real-life assignments and case studies. A total of 36-credit hours are required to earn a Master of Science in Information Technology Management. Available for online or in classroom learning formats in accelerated 8-week terms. Learn More About Regis University >>


MS Information Technology - The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to teach you the communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and technical competencies required to help advance your career.* Study how to evaluate the theory, principles, and practices of information systems; employ project management skills; and analyze data to solve complex problems. Kaplan University also offers a MBA in Information Technology and MSIT in Business Intelligence.

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The Benefits of Online Learning

There are a variety of different online learning programs available that you can consider, but most function structurally in the same way. Most will offer you the ability to attend your online classes around your own schedule. Generally, you will have to commit a certain amount of time each week to taking your classes. However, these classes can be taken in the morning before you head to work, during your lunch break, in the evenings, or even on the weekends, too. They provide you with the ability to interact with your student peers in chat rooms and class forums online, and you can communicate with your professors in this way as well as through email, too. For those IT professionals who have already gotten their career off to a great start, as well as for IT professionals who have started a family, an online program enables you to continue living your life while allowing you to earn a degree and advance your career, too.

Degree Requirements

For those interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Information Technology through an online program, you will find that an accredited online program will have the same degree requirements in place as a traditional learning program will. Each school will vary slightly in its requirements for a Master’s degree, but generally this type of program through an accredited university or college requires 30-36 semester hours.

With Your Degree In Hand

Many working professionals do find that earning their Master’s degree through an online program is a great solution. This allows busy, successful professionals in the Information Technology field to continue gaining valuable experience and continue to establish themselves with their current employer. Many employers even offer education reimbursement that can make paying for your degree more affordable. After you graduate and earn your Master’s degree, you will find that many more opportunities in your career may open up to you. This degree is often required for higher level management and executive level positions, and it also generally allows the degree-holder to command a more lucrative compensation package, too.

Pursuing an online Master’s in Information Technology is generally a great decision that can allow you to continue working in your field while providing you with the opportunity to pursue a higher level of education, too. Take time to explore the various online programs available through different accredited universities and colleges today, and then make an effort to get started by completing an application for admission to the program of your choice.