The use of technology inside the classroom is definitely one of the fastest growing trends in education today. Using various technologies like computer programs, software-generated presentations and simulations help enrich the learning experience for many students. Because technology utilization is a relatively new educational approach, not all educators are able to use it correctly and not all are able to use it to their advantage. One way to address this issue is to take courses and trainings that will develop the educator’s skills in harnessing modern technology to provide effective learning to students.

The following are some of the top universities providing Masters in Educational Technology and similar programs online:


Master of Science in Instructional Technology - Our MS in Instructional Technology program is aligned with National Standards to prepare you to step into any of the Instructional Technology Specialist careers available across a variety of educational settings. Our goal is to prepare high quality educators capable of serving Instructional Technology leadership roles in a school, a school district, or a regional educational setting. Learn More About Saint Joseph’s University >>


Master of Arts in Educational Technology Leadership - The innovative online Master of Arts and Graduate Certificates in Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) program at The George Washington University (GW) prepares individuals for leadership roles in improving teaching and learning the application of educational technologies used in K-12 schools, higher education institutions, corporations, organizations, associations, governments and foundations. Learn More About George Washington University >>


Master of Science in Educational Technology - A program that is popular among professionals who want to improve their skills in using modern technology is the masters in educational technology. An educational technology masters program helps prepare students take on jobs and responsibilities in instructional coordination that is focused on assessing, developing, implementing, and evaluating technology-driven curricula for educational institutions. Students are taught how to improve the learning process using up-to-date and state-of-the-art technologies together with traditional educational approaches. Learn More About Boise State University >>


M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning Technology Online - Earn your Master of Education in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Educational Technology and Online Instruction from Liberty University Online, and become a part of a growing, dynamic education career. Program courses incorporate cutting-edge technology to help students understand how to integrate the latest updates in technology into higher education today. Graduates will be well-prepared to excel in the technology field in the education sector and will have mastered skills in great demand in higher education today. Learn About Liberty University >>

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Overview of a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology

masters in educational technology program concentrates on subjects like theoretical background in technology, initiative and strategic implementation, integration methods, program evaluation, and educational research. The prerequisites for admission may vary depending on the type of program you choose and the school’s curriculum. However, common prerequisites for this course include a bachelor’s degree in any field, at least 16 basic education units, average to above average grade point, a writing sample or an essay, and a qualifying examination. Some colleges and universities may also require applicants to have significant experience in student education and training.

The degree typically takes one to two years to complete. Students can earn the degree through full time or part time schooling, and through distance learning or online instruction. Communication with professors, classmates and peers is highly encouraged in every session. A final project such as a paper or an internship may be required before students can graduate.

Students who are planning on taking an educational technology masters program may major in three disciplines: Learning Environment, Instructional Design, and Educational Evaluation. Learning Environment focuses on teaching students how to apply current technologies in creating effective instructional tools, audio-visual media, learning materials, and settings. Students are also taught how to manage and control the effects of various technologies in learning environments. Instructional Design teaches students how to use certain instructional design theories and methods to incorporate technology inside the classroom more effectively. Assessment, implementation and evaluation are important processes and skills instilled in all students majoring in Instructional Design. Education Evaluation concentrates on the tools and procedures needed by an educator to evaluate technological-educational programs accurately. Issues like training structure and technological resource incorporation are also tackled in this discipline.

Benefits of taking a master’s in educational technology

The first benefit of taking a master’s degree in educational technology is career advancement. Post-graduate degree holders are given more opportunities for employment and career growth. With such a masters in educational technology, you can teach students at the tertiary level. Aside from that you can also venture in related industries like information technology, computer sciences, human resources and even business technology.

For educators, a master’s degree in this field will help you immensely with teaching your students. The program helps you improve your ability to engage learners using digital media. You will be able to assess and evaluate which teaching strategies work and which strategies do not. Because most students are technology-driven these days, you have the advantage of integrating this facet of their life to improve their performance inside and outside the classroom.