In today’s fast changing, wired world, understanding the latest technologies and knowing the strategies and skills to integrate them into your business for maximizing returns has come to occupy great significance. People, who want to develop capabilities needed to tackle the challenges as posed in an industry driven by technological innovation, should consider going in for a masters in technology management. It is the right course designed for helping enrolled individuals acquire the skills and nurture their already existent talent to manage the dynamics of industries that are centered on technology. The program prepares professionals to assume crucial roles in technology-based organizations.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management - 
Information technology is now so closely integrated with business, that business solutions must include the use of technology.The challenge facing business leaders today is to not simply manage information technology, but to use technology to deliver business value. The Information Technology Management program in the Division of Graduate Professional Studies combines technological and managerial components to develop graduates who can deal effectively with the complexity and variety of issues involved in applying information technology successfully within organizations. Learn More About Brandeis University >>


Master of Science in Information Technology Management - The Master of Science in Information Technology Management degree from Regis University serves the needs of programmers, developers, engineers, and other knowledge workers who aspire to move into technical leadership positions. The emphasis is on moving technology out of the laboratory and into business development, defining the role of information literacy in decision-making and exploiting information technologies for productivity and competitiveness. The program is rich in real-life assignments and case studies. A total of 36-credit hours are required to earn a Master of Science in Information Technology Management. Available for online or in classroom learning formats in accelerated 8-week terms. Learn More About Regis University >>

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Primary Objective Of the Program

The technology management masters degree equips students to become an effective manager in a technology-based firm. This educational program helps professionals to strategically plan and decide on issues that crop up in the context of technology department. People who are armed with such an educational degree can have a better idea about the nature and structure of technical operations.

Master in Technology Management graduate degree program helps an individual to acquire the advanced decision-making and planning skills needed to climb higher up the ladder in a technology-based organization. The curriculum of this degree program includes a balanced mix of theory and practical knowledge required by a person to tackle the vital relationship between management functions and technological operations.

Eligibility requirements

There are a number of institutes across the world that offers high-quality educational program in the professional studies of the technology management to help professionals propel their career forward in technology firms. Getting an entry into a recognized institute is not easy and admission is highly competitive. Executives working in technical management fields as well as students willing to occupy critical managerial roles in heading a technical operations and management department should consider this program. The general admission requirements in this program vary from institute to institute. Most educational institutes require applicants to complete an undergraduate or a graduate degree in appropriate technology and business management courses.

Some of the online schools offering courses in technology management enroll students with a few years of experience in technological fields and working as an executive. People willing to go for further studies while working in order to develop capabilities and skills necessary to take up supervisory roles and prominent positions in integration of technical and managerial fields should consider taking up online masters in technology management.

Benefits of the Program

o A master’s degree program in the field of technology management provides a student with opportunities for developing project management skills that are critical to the most qualified IT positions. Professionals can acquire greater understanding of the concepts relating to both risks and return and of emerging trends that are crucial to the field.

o People armed with a masters degree in technological management can become effective technology leaders and executives in firms driven by technological innovation. The program provides them opportunities to take up decision making roles in technical and managerial fields. Students can enhance their competencies to maximize the market returns.

o The program also opens new avenues relating to fields where technical innovation and managerial collaboration is required. With a degree in technology management, one can assume critical roles in fields where analysis, systems design, networking, and database architecture form the core concepts. Professional with this degree can explore opportunities that emerging trends of the IT sector throw up.

Students can get a deeper understanding of the basics of network technology and acquire skills to analyze and design latest enterprise-wide systems. A master in technology management can help a professional capitalize on the new emerging technological trends to maximize their revenue, expansion and other market opportunities.